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The Story of Empty Pocket

There’s always a why.

The evolution of Empty Pocket began in 1996. Much has happened since then including years of refitting, and outfitting, but most notably is Empty Pocket’s role in carrying the one of the original Solar Stiks—a product that changed and shaped the portable hybrid power industry.

The Story

What began as a salvage job on a 1984 Hunter 255 in 1996 turned into a passion for creating the ultimate “Pocket Cruiser”. The venerable Empty Pocket is a sailboat that is well known throughout the cruising community for her intrepid voyages as well as her groundbreaking design.

Empty Pocket has been continually refined for nearly 20 years, using two reference points:
1.) The experiences of full-time cruising
2.) The goal of being as self-sufficient as technology and design will allow

She is built to be as “Maintenance-Free” as is possible while underway, but also provide the comforts and amenities normally found on +45’ yachts. Empty Pocket is a much easier boat to handle, maintain, and cruise, at a fraction of the cost of a similarly-equipped larger vessel. She can get you into places that most boats dare not go, and has a cruising log to prove it. Built for varying conditions from rough oceans to idyllic anchorages, she can sit for weeks at anchor, watching vessels twice her size pass by in search of fuel, water or other necessity.

Thoughtful design, practical implementation, and meticulous maintenance is applied to every component, from her major onboard systems right down to the hand-held devices that were selected as part of her inventory. The financial/time investment was always in support of the life-experiences she would provide the crew, and not focused on the financial return she might one day fetch. Empty Pocket is so complete that she could “leave the dock tomorrow“ for a year-long cruise. She is professionally maintained every week and her critical gear is up-to-date.

In her most recent survey (2015), the surveyor estimates the cost of building a yacht of comparable capability to be about $150,000 USD. Empty Pocket is offered for sale at $74,900 USD. Handover will include 30 days of “technical support” so the new owner has time to learn the vessel and understand the systems. Empty Pocket is a rare opportunity to own one of the most well-known Pocket Cruiser sailboats in the world today. The Solar Stik on the stern was one of three that were built for small full-time cruising sailboats back in 1998, and it launched an industry! Solar Stik, Inc is proud to have had the Empty Pocket as our flagship for nearly 13 years, but we know that she needs to be out cruising and not at the dock, so we are parting with her knowing that she will be out doing what she was designed for… cruising!